i really don’t want a funeral

Ive been thinking about it tonight and i don’t want a funeral or viewing. Burn me up or feed me to something. I don’t want you assholes looking at me saying “he could have done so much” or “god i should have never fucked him”. Thats all a funeral, just a hating session. If i died then i screwed up somewhere along the way or fate just ran a red light and got me. And surprise, it’s gonna happen to you soon too? I wasn’t going to do anything that great anyway, was I? Or maybe it was cut short! omg! So fucking stupid. Virus with shoes. Doesnt’ matter, bigger picture, etc.

 Another thing about my stupid funeral is it’s expensive to travel just for a funeral, especially since once i’m dead. Not coming back, not going anywhere, no big rush. It’s kinda pointless to come “visit” toad if i’m already dead. I can’t exactly ask how you’ve been so it’s really depressing.

I just hate no matter how many updates about how i want to be fed to coyotes and a final pic uploaded to my site, i know my funeral will still have some shitty stupid catholic funeral. It’s so poetic that i actually know that jesus had kids and now im getting buried by his church built by asshole popes who want some gay viewing and some lame funeral.

Burn me, eat me but leave my site up but it’s really not that big of a deal.

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