So i have this thing about wearing shirts with other people’s names on it. Steve James, Natalie, Lola, there are so many aliases that its’ gonna take the FBI years to track it down. I wore my Natalie “mechanic shirt” to a goth night.

 It was like cross dressing in the smallest percentage.

I walk into the wrong bathroom(no doors or signs) and pee. I walk out and im like “oh hi, hot goth girl, um” and walks off. It didn’t hit me unti later when Levi was like “dude your shirt says natalie, you can go in there”.

I’m so afraid im going to just repeat my same mistakes.

So it’s 3:21am on a sunday morning.  There are 2 16 oz’s of budlight in my fridge and no one is responding aim.

This isn’t content, and we’re not a site, we’re 5 middle fingers on a your mouse hand!

God, my goth karoake bar is going to own memphis.

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