i want to write a update

*cracks knuckles*

It’s 4 minutes until 3am, the golden hour for writing in your stupid site that no one reads.  I actually had someone msg me the other day and say there is too much content up on this site now and that it’s getting updated with my emo bullshit too often to even keep up and figure out the plot.

What shall we do, to fill, the empty, spaces.

I have so many intresting things to write about but nothing really is coming to mind. With my upcoming Tori Amos coverband, which will probably turn into a intervention, etc. I’m really afraid im going to get tricked into going somewhere and my family, friends and ex girlfriend are going to be like “Look, why don’t you just get drunk at home and not book shows,  you’re hurting all of us with this.”

Actually, on that poorly planned soon to be train wreck show, i’ve got a few replies from craigslist but ive had a change of plans. To pull this off we’re going to have to do it right.  I’m going to have to dust off the keyboard and learn the tracks myself. I have her sheet music in the mail and i’ve pulled on Willie to help teach me what i can’t learn myself.

Hobbies are good.

Drinking till 3am and listening to the wall isn’t one of them. My tori band isn’t either.

But you really have to break a few eggs to…for…things. WMDS, he’s a hitler, whatever look here’s a fetus and he’s a hitler. Something will stick.

Toad, why do you hate christmas.

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