March 21st 2006 – Marla enters her first liquor store.

 Around 9Pm I’m so fucking depressed and bored and whatever that it’s time to walk out into the cold…probably with a fever, to the liquor store. I walk there and I tie her up outside. They’re like “hey man, dogs can come in, it’s cool”. I go untie her, bring her in, buy gin and walk home listening to Black Sabbath.

Really wish there was more about today that i can update about. Fucking great to be back in Memphis. Forgot about the fountain of fun this city can be. Without a car i’m limited to 2 gas stations and 4 “bars” within walking distance. Talk about a culture shock.

I wonder what has kept me here so long.

Oh well, you have to destroy a few brain cells to make a website…..or oamlette…

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