okay it’s confession time

i’ve decided that Laura is starting to effect my social life. I cannot refer to any girl in New Orleans without people going “dude u gotta get over the homeless chick”. Look, i met other girls while down there, it’s not just her.

It’s really funny how my friends, family and ex girlfriend don’t seem to be appreciating the new love of my life. It’s kinda like racism, but she’s white. Everyone making these huge generalizations like “dude she’s homeless”. She won’t be homeless when i go back to new orleans, find her, bathe her, shave her and make her fall in love with me. It’s like the Little Mermaid. Sorta. But with a homeless girl. That can breathe above water without selling her soul to Ursula(sp). Wow i can’t believe i just tied The Little Mermaid into this update.

Time to pour another glass of Jager and download the soundtrack.

Single life owns.


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