dear mrs amos

dear mrs amos(thats so hot you kept your name even tho you married him)

so i was drinking by myself last night and woke up on my computer room floor to Marys Of The Sea. I don’t know what it is about that song but i can’t stop listening to it. Every single morning… would murder me if you had any idea how terribly i sing along and dance around my dirty apartment…..

The worst part is i do it other places too. Like karaoke. You havn’t heard caught a light sneeze until you’ve seen a pale, little white dude rolling around on stage mutilating that beautiful song.

Anyway, i’m sure you’re busy but i just wanted to drop you a quick line about how you’ve enhanced my drinking experiences more then could ever know. If you ever come to Memphis and maybe wanna get a drink, give me a call 901-XXX-XXXX

scoutMASTERtoad: yay phase 2
FloTekSek: rofl
FloTekSek: the stage is set
scoutMASTERtoad: yeah all i have to do is wait now
scoutMASTERtoad: ball is in her court

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