crackhore circus comes to local bar

Ugh so my poor dog got fleas. I get bombs for the apartment, Advantage, etc. Sliver immediately hides when he sees the cat carrier. Rachel finally finds him hiding. Now you gotta picture this. I set off the bombs and look at my watch. 3 hours. I got the laptop in my backpack, a beer in a crackhore koozie in one hand, cat carrier in the other. Dog’s leash tied on belt. Walking to the deli.

 I setup camp outside on the patio and order beer #2. I have everything i need now. I get online and get on aim and people start showing up. By the end of the day we had a huge table full of people and Rachel and Levi bring their new puppy up there.

I think i kinda black out after that. I vaguely remember bathing marla, sliver and lillith. Sliver does not like baths. Sliver does not like baths. Sliver does not like baths. I was almost waiting for a neighbor to knock on the door and ask me to stop killing. 


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