this wasn’t in the job description

So Peter comes over like every Thursday to help with work. I got a terrible to do list for him this day tho. “Hey peter, could you relight the pilot light on my water heater?”. I had to turn it off when i bombed the apartment and after a few days of cold showers i needed to get it relit. And im not letting my landlord in my apartment.

He reads the instructions, takes off the casing and asks me if i have a flash light. I don’t own a flashlight. I hand him a lighter. He puts one hand over his face and looks in. Okay, he asks me if i have any of those long matches you use to light pilot lights with. I just shake my head. We end up taping a match to the end of a pen, bam, I have hot water.

Okay peter, my cd-rom and dvd-rom stopped working when i opened the case and looked around to see what kind of ram i needed. He sighs, opens the case and makes sure everything is plugged in. Bam i have a cd-rom and dvd-rom again.

I need to make sure I pay him today.

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