naw fuck it, thats their job

So the other day i’m trying to pay Peter for his life threatening employment. We go to a gas station and my card is denied. Changing banks is fun. It is. Seriously. Awesome. Okay, plan b, lets go get cash back on the visa. I walk up to the lady at Riteaide with a 12 pack of beer and set it down and ask if i can get cashback on a card. She says no. I start to take the beer back and then just set it down and say “fuck it, thats their job” and walk out. Now when i said it, i didn’t mean like “you have a shitty job, it’s your problem”. It had been a tough day. I didn’t feel like walking the beer back. I was denied sale, it’s their problem. I got other problems. I’m a asshole, fine. I don’t care. I have a job to do. They do, we all do. Goddamn it.  Peter follows me shaking his head.

I figure im helping the economy. Sure, i can’t go back to that Riteaide for a few years but well….plenty of other places to buy beer in this fuck hole city.

naw fuck it, that’s their job. Yeah i feel bad, it’s not their job really but still. Anyway, i guess this is one of those confession updates. You guys like these right? Comment below.

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