So i went to the house party last night. Lots of dj’s, kegs of sam adams and coors, lot sof gangstas passing blunts, etc. I meet this girl named Marla. I’m like “holy shit, you’re name is really Marla?”.  I talk to her a bit but the urge to tell her about my Marla finally takes hold. So the whole night i’m drunk and yelling Marlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Peter is laughing his ass off, im laughing. I start telling her to lay down. She walks outside of the house and i yell  “go outside! go!”.

So lol. All night long im following her around and telling her to go get a toy, lay down, do you wanna go outside, etc. Finally she refuses to even talk to me. I understand. I wish i hadn’t fucked up, could have brought her home and been like “hey this is my marla *wink*”.

I only know a few people and eventually after X amount of beers. I go outside and lean against the wall and fall deep into thought. Little do i know peter is talking to a girl and she tells him that her beer is warm. She throws the beer over shoulder, having no idea that toad is standing there. Peter looks over and im like “oh my fucking god, wtf the fuck”. Peter goes and gets her a cold beer.

I leave pretty soon afterwards, driving my deathtrap back to my shithole apartment to pass out. Good times.

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