nola in a nutshell

So last night i didn’t really have any plans. I drove past a Popeyes and decided that fried chicken will be a good start of my evening. I stood in line and listened to the natives make small talk. I was standing in between 2 very large black women, both in hospital scrubs. They were talking about what they did during the hurricane, which is a pretty common conversaton here now, still.

I was so taken by what the one woman said that i demanded i buy her chicken. She said no but i insisted. After a few minutes of demanding she finally let me buy her 3 piece. I walk out with my chicken, high off good karma and stop at at grocery store and buy a 6 pack of natural light tall boys.

I then procede to drive around the french quarter, chicken in one hand, beer in other, bumping nola rap and really taking in the experience. I love this city.

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