3am makes the best updates

ignore the grammer here, this is worth it…well, it is for me.

im kinda stressed out about mary and eric. they both touched my ass more tonight then they ever have. i hope this isn’t a “lets touch toad’s ass one more time before we’re married and we can’t touch it anymore”. I doubt their wedding is going to affect my anal activitiy but tonight they were just so over the top about my butt that i have to worry.

It is my nature.

Tonight at sidestreet i was carrying myself with a unknown and strange feeling. I usually dress like someone who asks you for money at the gas station. I sometimes put on my slave clothes, the ones i put on to make white people think im a good white person that makes websites. I was talking to two beautiful women, at once.
It was like aim in real life.
The full moon club was mostly a blur. Just remember seeing my poor ex everywhere i went. No one understands that it doesn’t bother me anymore. I sometimes get over things. Just needs enough drinking and cutting.


So i went to pick up my suit today at the men’s wearhouse on poplar. This is a adventure in my car…err go-cart…..i get there and park, leaving the keys in the ignition. I walk in and ask one of the random rednecks standing there signing stuff and processing his shit. This is verbatim, in perfect call center leetness, “excuse me sir, could you watch my car for maybe 4-5 minutes while i put this tux on?”.

He asks me which one is mine, walk about 2 feet,  point at the primer black death trap and say “it’s the one that looks like if turned it off it might not start”. They laugh. So do i.

I try on my tux, i am sexy as fuck. I like a little hand in my blowjob, fyi ladies *wink*

I walk out of the men’s warehouse, which name is still stressing me out, give the guy watching Max, the running car, for watching it so i didn’t have to turn it off. I feel like i owe him something so i give him $2 and say buy a beer on me. He’s obviously really off but obviously drinks and loves this and takes the money. I grab my tux and roll out.

The ride home was long and boring.

I went out and drank at sidestreet and the full moon club. The pics speak for themselves. I talked to so many wonderful people. So many newcastle, so much jager, so many boobs. Apologies all around for um..everything. Props to Wes for taking me home…it would have been a long walk, Laura and Lauran for um, listening.

Everyone at sidestreet. I am really jesus, seriously.

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