are you scoutmastertoad, king of the webdesigners

wow so i think it’s gonna be the end of this terrible memphis chapter.

i mean im totally jinxing it up by posting about it, but im moving anway, now it’s out of my hands. Unless those CIA nazi fuckers watching this.

Im moving soon, either sooner or well, later

This is the first i’ve talked about this to, well, anyone. But im going to sign this offer to move to a undisclosed city to heal some websites. When the web jesus sign goes up in the sky, he can’t just say no.

Im having a garage sale, the date isn’t set yet but if you want anything that has to do with me. I’m talking about computer shit, stolen shit, furniture, everything.

Come hook it up.

Everything must motherfucking go. Im getting rid of my couches, chairs, tables, everything that you want in a modern apartment. If you don’t buy it then the salvation army is going to get it. Do you want my pink couch killing kids for some army?

I, um, don’t care.

Anyway, i’mma post the date when i sign this contract and everyone gets whatever they want.

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