flash ninja

A lot of people won’t really think this is funny but i have seriously crowned myself the flash ninja at my new job. Literally. Like on the outside of our work coffin(cubicle)
we have these little laminated sheets of paper with our job titles, name, and  logos of the subcontractors we work for. A few weeks ago i wrote FLASH NINJA and put it over Application Developer or whatever bullshit title i got.

Now i got people coming into my coffin and asking me to animate random things and constantly referring to me as “the flash ninja”. Oh, you need to get a little header designed for your TPS report? Dude just go ask the flash ninja, he’ll build you something.

The weirdest thing is hearing my real name all the time. I can’t get used to that.

Oh well, it’s a interesting change of pace. Until they fire me.

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