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So ive been trying to make my cubicle more like home since im basically spending more time there then my apartment. I started by putting up a few stolen signs, which god knows i have a lot. Then it occurred to me that some of my bosses might find this offensive. Even tho i have never said these signs were stolen, i keep saying i purchased them all.

I decided to give everyone in my row their own stolen “please wash your hands before leaving the bathroom” sign or “please do not litter” sign, etc, etc. I’ve successfully converted 4 people’s cubes into toad colonies. A lot of people have been a little turned off by them since they are pretty disgusting looking. Not because they were in a bathroom, but because they were ducttaped to the walls of my last 3 apartments.

I just packed up 3 more signs to bring into work tomorrow to see how many more people i can infect.

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