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so the other day ashley started asking me questions i couldn’t really answer.

i came home and she had left a note and all her things were gone.

i’m surprised at my maturity through the whole thing. i would normally stay with girls for months after it was over.

nice clean break…we even talk. i just can’t bring myself to be mad at someone who sees me for what i am.

im glad she left before she started to hate me.

Oh well, now im a swinging bachelor in a apartment with 2 computers on the floor and a inflatable mattress..and a chair….have a few plates too.
There are thousands of girls masturbating to the thought of my apartment, right this second.
But they’re not.

No one is masturbating about you 🙁

I think thats going to be the title of my book.

Anyway, besides my personal life crumbling like the thing that crumbles it is, my side business is going well. I’ve hired 3 women, all of them gorgeous, which are going to help me build websites.

It’s like charlie’s angels.

But in new orleans.

I’m really confident in the 3 i’ve hired. It’s fucked up knowing they will probably read this since you don’t know me long before knowing my dirty secrets. Oh well, better sooner then later.

The team i have now tho is close. A few more craigslist posts from now i’ll have a new business. Everyone gets a few weeks or its done.

Darwin smiles.

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