ive fucked up a little bit lately

I like writing and talking about my misfortunes for some weird reason. I think it’s the inner Catholic or something, crackhore confessions. Yesterday i wasn’t even drunk and walked into the wrong bathroom at a resturant i go to frequently. Wtf dude.

Apparently i walked out on a tab last week and now i can’t remember if i paid last night’s tab ad well as last weekend’s. I think im just going to charge $500 on my car to their bar and that way i’ll just be ahead.

Other then that i guess i’m not doing badly. The side business is fucking on fire with Anne helping. I’m a little terrified about what my taxes are going to be like this year. Oh and my landlord is selling my duplex so i’m going to have to move soon. I had over a grand worth of shit in a shopping cart on Overstock.com the other night, couch, desk, chairs, everything. So glad i didn’t hit Purchase or else i would be paying movers in a month.

Oh yeah and i had my car towed back to my apartment. Time to do the ole car liquidation  dance. I just don’t have the emotion to care about cars anymore. Like “oh shit i lost a pair of socks” kind of emotion.

So pretty much everything in my life is now dynamic. Job, house, car, side work, everything is completely fluid. It just doesn’t seem to bother me like it did. A Buddhist type calm has come over me. As long as i wake up tomorrow i am winning.

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