So lately i’ve been hitting the internets really hard lately. I think i’m on like half a dozen different dating sites lusting over all which the world has to offer. It’s kinda funny tho cuz you actually see “regulars” on this “scene”. I’ve seen some of the same people on hotornot, craigslist and now plentyoffish. Really it’s actually kinda sad that there are people out there just as lonely as me.

Anyway, all of this hunting lately has really made me think about what im looking for in a woman. I’ve been trolling through hotornot searching for girls who listen to nine inch nails and tool. The mars volta experiment proved to me that music is a pretty good place to start when trying to figure out if she’s going to let you into her pants.

Also i’ve noticed that it really depends what messaging service she uses. Like i dunno why i don’t really make any connections with girls who use yahoo. It might be just be self fulfilling thing but unless she has aim, it’s not looking good.

I talked to a really interesting character today. Like instead of going for typically what is my “type”, ive been really thinking about trying to find someone a little more unique then the typical girls i end up with. Anyway, i don’t want to screw it up because i dunno if she’s read any of crackhore yet.

It’s never good to talk about a girl too much on crackhore. Usually jinxes it.

Anyway, to keep this post from spiralling into um, whatever, here are some more mardi gras pics.

playsation3 0041.jpg

playsation3 0061.jpg

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