So friday i get a ride home, well not exactly home, a ride to a bar where a bar where i’m meeting pam and anne to work on shit.

I get there and order a abita amber and eventually get a shot. we have a pretty good meeting, lots of yelling and shouting and drinking. We packup the laptops and wander up to the bar and have a drink there before we go our seperate ways.

This girl sits down next to us. Anne is telling me how much we’re pulling in per week now. I go “Then we have enough to start buying girls drinks!” and I pay for her drink. She laughs and thanks me. The old guy thats sitting next to her and my group start talking to her. I watch her carefully remove a cigarette. I quickly pick up a book of matches and light it one handed. Everyone sitting around is us like “wtf how did you do that”. Remember kids, you can only gurantee if you use a fresh book of matches each time you light one handed. I dunno what it is but a fresh pack is the best way.

Anyway *cough*

She says she works at a bar downtown and was just havin ga few drinks before work. I’m like “oh damn i love that place, havn’t been there in years.” We decide to take share a cab. The cab pulls up, we pour our drinks into cups and head out.

I walk with her to work, get a drink, exchange information and head out into the quarter. This time i was able to go out and have a few drinks and not end up sleeping in a alleyway. That was last friday.

I get home and go over to Garry and Tammy’s. Ray decides he’s going to teach me a few irish phrases. He thinks this is a great idea with me completely obliterated after a evening drinking. He writes out a phrase and i read it. Then i make notes. So hilarious. I can barely speak english at this point and im trying to figure out Irish…oh well, i still have my notes.