the shovels that bury me

god so gary and tammy say they talk to my landlord the other day. they mention im going to move out soon. i had been thinking about buying a house or something in this great city but i’m just looking and flirting, not dating any houses.

tammy says she saw my apartment on craigslist.

i walk calmly back to my computer and type in my address in craigslist.

Yup that’s my address.

So i do what any rational person would do, call my landlord.

I go “so heh yah about my apartment being on craigslist”…..

He just had the address wrong, he always gets them confused.

I talk with him for a little bit longer about websites.

I mean seriously. Anyone who knows anything going on in my life knows this was almost the straw that put the camel on top of the building with a gun.
Anyway, i’m soldiering forward. I’m just going to keep drinking, cutting and yelling my way to webdesign heaven.

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