So my plan worked. I saw her that evening, she said she didn’t have any plans, i suggest dinner. She tells Anne and i that she’s moving up north for the summer. This figures but i’m going to just try to enjoy what time i have with her…or something…
We walk to Juan’s, have a good meal, and she wants to go back to my place for drinks.

Lets just say i need to get furniture….. seriously like it’s been fun not owning anything but i need to move and get some shit.

It’s weird how you can have a crush on someone based on first impression and looks but then that 2nd time you talk to them you start to find similarities. Thats when it gets bad. It was somewhere around when we started talking about tori is when i realized i need to be careful and not fuck this up.

Oh well. If she’s gone for a few months, so what……problem is since this is my life she’ll go home for a few months and meet someone she’s never met before, fall in love and forget all about toad and his furnitureless ass.

It’s not that i’m a pessimist, nothing ever works out.

Oh well. About to go meet with a non for profit to build them a site. Lets hope i can tip the karma scales. I don’t even know if i want to tell this guy why im building him a site for free. Like i know someone is going to call him and ask him if i did work for him. I just don’t know how they’ll introduce themselves…..hehehe.

There isn’t a problem in my life i can’t develop, design and host my way out of.


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