the web christ has risen

Last night Audra, Wes and i went down to the quarter for some madness.  We walked around downtown watching the insanity and went to Hookah for food, tobacco, etc. I’m not going to write about the part where we’re all so out of that we’re lighting the hookah wrong because even tho you can laugh about yourself, it takes a few weeks sometimes.

I sat next to one of Wes’s med school students who i cannot remember her name to save my life. It’s weird how just so amazingly attractive yet so strange and complex that trying to get to know her would take a life time of conversations, drawings and diagrams to try to figure out any part of it. I’ve met these girls before and it terrifies me to no end. She also kept referring to a boyfriend again

About halfway through the night i switched to whiskey and water which always leads to good writing material. We left Hookah and went to a few different bars in the frenchman area, which i remember less and less about. So much whiskey, so much anger.

I depart from Wes, Audra and the rest of med school crowd. I wander through the quarter, yelling at lightposts, etc. I end up walking up Canal and decide to just walk home. Wes offered me a ride but i really honestly need my weekly russian roulette(sp) of walking around the ghetto.

It gets better. I stop at the ghetto gas station which is a bee hive of ghetto activity on a Sunday morning at 3am. I decide to act like a roman when in rome and get a 2 piece white with a biscuit and 2 tallboys of mickeys 🙂

I stumble home drinking my beer and probably singing rap music to myself. I chow down on my chicke, sitting in my new white person chair. I love my furniture.

I wake up at 10:30am to someone knocking on my door. It’s Pam and it’s time to go over my books. I convienently left my phone in the living room and didn’t see the 3 phone calls earlier that morning from her.

She breaks out the laptop and i finish my beer from the night before and discuss all the people who owe my business money. I swear it’s almost time for a craigslist post seeking a large black man to put on a tight white tshirt with my business’s name on it, show up at people’s offices and say HERE’S YOUR INVOICE.

Now i’m at a coffee shop about to meet with a church about their website. This is going to be a long day.  Thinking that beer this morning might have been a bad idea. Guess only time will tell.

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