okay let me just tell this how it went down. i did/do a lot of internet dating. based on a girl’s profile, i will go out with her. pretty simple. pictures can be deceiving.

i went out with a post op. i realized it pretty quickly but passing up a evening of dinner and drinks, even after it’s gotten started, i have to go through with it out of pure interest.

for those of you just tuning in, you can search the site for “trannies” and find a excellent piece discussing having sex with a tranny is more straight then screwing a big fat girl….it made perfect sense when i wrote it but i’m just not even sure anymore.

we went and had drinks and went our seperate ways.

and this is when the story gets weird, no seriously.

for some reason i tell my mom about this next time i talk to her on the phone. i think it’s funny, feel since it’s funny i should tell her. i mean seriously, if i was a mom i would think it was hilarious that my son accidently went out with someone who was born a man.

no wait….god nevermind

so a few weeks later im talking to one of my memphis clients who happens to be a neighbor of my parents. we talk about email for a few minutes and i notice that she’s being kinda quiet. She finally asks “so, have you been on any interesting dates lately?” and i can hear her fall out of her chair laughing. My mom decided this was definetely a story to share with the entire neighborhood.

im never visiting memphis again.

I still havn’t asked my mom why she decided this embarassing yet funny story was worth the entire neighborhood to share.

It gets better.

I call my aunt patty in ohio. I talk to her like every 4-5 months…hardly ever…..she’s always been the really “cool” aunt, lived in california….it still amazes me hearing her talk a bout having kids now. She’s terrified that her son idolizes me. That scares me too. Anyway i start talking about Beth, the girl who hasn’t talked to me since she was in my furnitureless apartment…and my aunt patty…in ohio goes “oh well your mom told me about your one date!!!”.

I think my parents secretly hate me and spread…well not lies but worse…the truth…to everyone…clients…relatives….

I agree with them too, i hate myself too.

Way to end a update…

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