tool birth

Peter called me today to tell me Kristy and him were on their way to the Tool concert. She’s 9 months pregnant, about to drop at any minute. Now they have lots of walking, loud sounds and vibrations….this kid is going to be born in a Tool concert. Everyday on this day we will celebrate a holiday in honor of this holy miracle.

meanwhile my friend, lets call her katy, is texting me asking me whether or not she should take a roll before the tool show. i’m telling her i think it’s a bad idea but i’m kinda past my whole “lets do drugs in public” stage….i dunno tho, whatever works. i want a full update from her tomorrow on how the show was…..

i’m having these conversations while sitting in my little cubicle with my little tie on. fuckers. it’s like couples calling me after they’ve had sex….thanks…you go up to crippled people and make fun of their wheelchairs? oh well, im not bitter….my life sucks because i made it this way 🙂

on a lighter note i now have a home office. my chair and desk came today….nola irish peter helped me put together the chair….i didn’t have the energy to fuck with the desk….saving that for a day off….it’s gonna be nice to have a real setup again….been a while…

i just need to get a mattress and a box springs and i’ll be a real boy….and maybe some curtains…..and a car….and a washer and dryer….other then that…

on a completely different note, i want to give a shout out to jenn. she doesn’t read this site, no one she knows reads this site, but she saved my ass. she took about 5 hours out of her life and i dunno how many miles on her car to help me out of a real bind. i talk about how lonely i am in new orleans and how i really gotta meet more real friends but casual work buddies don’t help each other out unless they’re good people.

i don’t know who all reads this and if they are out to get me so i’m not going into details but i really appreciate the help.

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