i haven’t been updating much lately because of the move, work, etc….lets see

i’ve officially made my move to gentilly to be closer to work. i now wake up, pack clothes in my bag and ride my bike to work. i get there, shower and head to my desk for desk.
after work i go back down, change and head to the gym, then head home. i drink my protein powder mixed with the lovely flavor of new orleans tap water, then a beer. i finish my 1st beer, work on the mountain of laundry, drink another beer and and eat dinner. i sit on my couch and watch tv-links.co.uk on my big stupid tv.

then the whiskey starts.

i then stumble to my new bed and slip peacefully into my nightly coma.

life is good.

work is going well on both fronts, my apartment is comfortable and ive been seeing a lovely young lady.  she is okay with my vices and i’m okay with her world of warcraft habit. she treats me very well, i don’t know how long it will last, never can tell. i just hope it doesn’t end with a stabbing.

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