i fuck websites

god i had a lot of good things happen today…i found out im going to have my contract for another year….if i want it….

my new lcds came in today..the jump from crts to lcds is like sex without a condom…..i feel like im in the future….this is so dope lol 🙂 i have totally bought into my new consumerism lifestyle…i seriously think im done tho…i got everything now..it’s all insured…. the next flood can hit and im straight…..

i went for a run today for the first time out in gentilly. i kinda wanted to do a circle which turned into this weird triangle shape that took me about 2 miles out of my way. i’m totally lost and i keep looking to the left to where i need to go and it’s just a levee with a train track. I finally walk up there and start looking for a way to go left. Running through high weeds with def tones around the fur blaring on the ipod, i finally find a break in the foliage next to the track, realize where i am and finish running home.

like you seriously know you fucked your run up when you’re following train tracks back to the habitated part of new orleans.

it started raining about a mile from home…like god’s spit and pee, pouring down on me, punishing me for sins of not knowing gentilly….

oh well…nothing a bottle of wine won’t fix. 🙂

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