what do i feel llike doing

lately ive been feeling really unmotivated to work on…anything. there really isn’t much to do on the main contract so i just kinda hangout. i worked about a hour or two today and it’s just so mind numbling that i don’t even mind doing it.

i build a site for some random group of government people on some random government contract. it’s even getting sad how i know how to crank out patriotic/military shit now. you need jets, aircraft carriers, definitely the American flag, blue, red, white, black and sometimes you can even use gray. one tori amos album later they have a dope new homepage to fix their terrible portal that i don’t really know/care does.

i’ve settled into a nice routine for riding to work. the alarm goes off at 6am, i rush to my pre-arranged clothes for the day, stuff them in the bag along with work shoes/work socks(socks pre-inserted into each shoe), belt(forgetting the belt sucks). i brush my teeth while marla goes outside, i feed her, and gathering up the last few things before walking out the door.

i’ve been timing myself lately, trying to see exactly how long it takes to ride to the office.

i go faster when it’s raining.

i get there, ride in, make sure to jump every speed bump, lock the bike, walk into shower room. Luckily no one else doesn’t have a car so i have the shower room to myself. i have a locker with a bar of soap on a little tray, a towel and a bottle of shampoo.

after showering, changing, brushing hair, i race towards the elevator.

breakfast of oatmeal, peanut butter, protein powder and whatever fruit i’m experimenting with this week. 9 hours of talking to people at work about computers, sometimes working, mostly doing stuff for side business.

leave my little cell for the day, go back to locker room, change into clothes you rode to work in(and slept in the night before), head to gym. stare at girls that don’t like guys like you while listening to whatever angry music you have picked out for the week. ride home, much slower then the ride to work.

the evenings vary but usually are walking marla, playing fetch with marla, watching www.tv-links.co.uk or easynews movies, hotpockets, talking to people online and melatonin. i sometimes do side work.

then i lay down in my nice comfortable bed and twitch because i haven’t had anything to drink.

repeat for the next 6 months.

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