diversity day fun begins

so i’ve already updated about the diversity day and the karaoke they are having. That’s just funny by default. The fact that i get to sing, sober, in front of my entire office is just priceless. People don’t get it, they don’t understand why im so excited. It’s going to be man in the mirrortastic.

one other little thing they have going on is a “guess who i am” baby picture contest. there are lots of black and white photos in the break room that people have gave to the HR lady to post. The punch line is that me and a cohort at work have been printing out random baby pics from images.google.com and hanging them up. So even the HR lady is like “i don’t know who the hell that is” but it hasn’t stopped people from guessing. So everyday i go in, secretely tack up another baby picture and listen to everyone argue who it is.

It’s better then sex.

Everyone has been freaking out over this huge 8×10 pic of this girl with a weird face. There is only a handful of females at the office so they think it’s easy to guess.

I think i need to add another 2 or 3 and let people just go insane for another 2 weeks before they announce who is who and come up with like a dozen “umm no seriously, who is this” pics. I think thats when im going to get busted out. When me and a few other people fall out of chairs, huge urine stains forming on our crouches as we roll around the floor laughing…..it might give us away.


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