all work and no play makes toad a dull boy….

recently a minor upgrade to my computer meant a total upgrade to my system. i really don’t like doing hardware. software is so much more forgiving.

lately my lack of human contact has lead me to cooking. i’m enjoying the few minutes it takes to heat up several different things to actually make a meal.

don’t get me wrong, the hotpocket and pabst diet has got me through most of my youth and i look damn good naked.
but sometimes you don’t want a meal that is consisting mostly cheese and bread.

i’m a really lazy person so im going to kinda list some tips i’ve learned to eat well.

1) crockpot

if you want to crank out a bunch of food with very little effort, this is a solid plan. i usually eat about 3 days out of the week with a few minutes of prep time and dumping it all into the magic crockpot. it’s pretty hard to fuck up except to leave it on too long. don’t do that. i did that twice.

2) george foreman grill

i hope someday i have a kitchen appliance named after me. i want people using the scoutmassatoad blender or waffle maker. this thing is great. ive been using mine to make steaks and heat bacon. i’ve been trying to cut back to turkey bacon and haven’t tried it with real bacon but i’m optimistic.

3) toaster

a toaster is a magic item which turns regular bread into a real sandwich. also good for bagels. bread is the devil, it makes you fat. but if you don’t have a lot of meat and vegetables then you gotta fill it with bread. sweet evil bread

4) $20 walmart microwave

this is just self explanatory. i’m really feeling these frozen bags of vegetables. don’t even take it out of the bag, just throw it in, turn it to 4 minutes and you have vegetables. pre-seasoned too. that combined with the mini microwave potatoes and you have sides.

I wanted this list to be longer but i just listed all the appliances i own. It’s not really pathetic until i type it out.

Anyway i’d like to dedicate this post to carla in dallas. I know you and shane will be very happy together 🙂

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