i don’t understand child molesters

Now lets say you’ve had a urge. I do not have urges for girls underage but i’m sure some of my sicko viewers do. They sound so cute and so tempting TO YOU and it’s just hard to resist. But i’m sure somewhere in your head you’re thinking you know it’s wrong and there is jail and To Catch A Predator.

I’d like to tell all my child molester in recovery readers about a little thing i’ve really gotten off of. Now i’m like a lot of people, when i see a hot over 21 bartender and she really doesn’t get how perfect i’d be for every part of her. But i am also not suave enough to even communicate basic stuff to a female without the help of aim.

It’s just the rejection really hurts in real life. It really does. A lot.

But i’ve found out lately that there is another way to molest women and not get arrested!

It’s called technical support for web hosting!

Now hear me out.

I usually call my hosting companies and get some indian dude. Every once in a while, especially when i call at 11:20pm on a Monday and i’ve been drinking, i get someone who sounds cute. She may give me the nameservers i need but she gives me a whole lot more.

It’s a lot like the sensation i have when i have someone legally of age tied up. I can pretty much do anything and she can say “is there any technical question i can help with you?” over and over but until i say “naw thanks for the help” and untie her/hang up, she’s mine.

Tech support people have a line, if you start moaning they’ll hangup and you’ve lost her forever. Gotta just keep it playful…yet dirty. Start out asking where they are from….ask them what they do for fun….ask what if her boyfriend feels the same…oh she doesn’t have a boyfriend…so….are you on hotornot?

It’s not a exact science but neither is masturbation.

I’d like to dedicate this update to Dezaray(sp probably) from godaddy and her excellent and sexy nameserver information. Cuz im going to eat your nameservers until your…god nevermind

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