joy in carbs

okay so there are 2 older women at work, both are older, administrative type. the sweetest women, not a mean bone in their body yet are both will tell you straight up if they disagree with you but will say it in such a nice way that you feel bad.
they both eat lunch in the breakroom everyday and i always go in and have a little 15 minute standup show. they expect it now, when michael walks in they are both like “okay here we go”.

I told them earlier this week that i’m no longer eating sandwiches for lunch. They are both eating their sandwiches. I’m switching to salads, got to lose a little more weight to get faster. They think im insane since i’m already pretty thin. They had mentioned to each other earlier if i wanted to keep lean, getting a kegerator and a endless supply of beer isn’t going to help.

and they are right, just like the bread in sandwiches, beer has a lot of carbohydrates.

i try to explain that the joy i get out of a roastbeef poboy is no where near the joy i get out of a pint of beer.
basically, if you’re going to drink beer every night, you gotta give up bread. and it’s a obvious choice to give up bread because i could eat a loaf of bread and not feel as good as i do after 3 pints and some nin.

i just made my salad for tomorrow while pouring my glass of whiskey, laughing to myself thinking about the 2 women at work who are probably making their sandwiches but are tripping over their coffee table 🙂

this has been my way of life for a long time and i feel wonderful. i’m in the best shape of my entire life(physically, probably not mentally but thats another update). i believe in a equal balance.

pint of beer, chicken salad beats glass of water and sandwich anyday.

it’s the same reason i don’t take aspirin or tylenol. It’s bad for your liver. When i take aspirin i don’t sing karaoke, but when i take alcohol i get to enter the limelight. i’ll get over the headache but only beer and karaoke can mend the hole in my soul.
i’ll live roughly as long as they will but have a bunch more fun with my carbs then them.

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