nelson sent me this lol

So, it was October 5th, at 6:00 P.M. and I needed a shower. It was vacant, so I brought my towell and toothbrush in, turned the water on, but remembered I needed to make a phone call. I was already naked, so I just went to my room real fast, it’s only the next door down. I made the phone call, and went to go back into the bathroom, but someone beat me to it. The door was closed and I could hear water running. I knocked, but they didn’t say anything. “This asshole…” I thought, wondering which one of my dickhead roomates would do this and I figured I would just play a video game till they came out.
At 6:30 I realized I was still naked waiting to go into the shower, so I went back and banged on the door..but whoever it was didn’t hear me. I was getting kinda mad at this point. I’m a busy guy, you know? People to see, places to be, that kinda thing. I went back to my computer and resumed playing, still thinking about this jerk who’s been hogging the bathroom for a half hour. What kind of person does that anyway? He had to have seen my toothbrush and towell, and didn’t he notice I turned the water….oh fuck I’m an idiot.

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