something has to change, undeniable dilemnia

i think i’ve reached up the peak of working in a office. you get these 48 hour breaks every “weekend” then it’s back to wasting away in the cubicle. you wake up before you want to get up and have that eternal conversation with yourself “why am i doing this again?”.

the golden handcuffs that you have the key to.

so you get off work, go to the gym to work out all the angry energy you’ve built pacing around in the box. you get home and see the sink of dishes that need to be washed, get your clothes and shit ready for the next day, eat dinner, maybe read a little or watch a movie if you’re feeling extra crazy.

then it just starts all over again.

the worst part is the more you stick to the routine you start getting this forced deja vu from the day before. one week i cooked my oatmeal at the same time as this woman. asks me how i’m doing, i respond with a standard “not well”.

after a few days i was hearing Everyday Is Exactly The Same playing in my head and had to start coming in a little later because it was really starting to eat at me.

however, the wonderful woman that sits next to me at work has offered to watch marla while i go to memfist for christmas. marla is pretty well behaved, for the most part but i’m still buying them a HUGE bottle of vodka. i really don’t trust leaving marla at a vet here.

there is something you have to understand about new orleans. before the storm shit was broken but now it’s just terrible. i barely trust them to cook my food here but they seem to excel at that.
but basic city services like stop lights, doctors, street lights…i just don’t even want to risk what a post katrina new orleans kennel. she’d be better off left here with a food bowl with timer, a newspaper and a huge bowl of water.

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