it doesn’t even bother me anymore

i came outside the gym today and found a note taped on my bike. it’s really big font, printed out that says “in the future please park your bike on the bike rack”. I smile, laugh, crumble up the paper and drop it on the ground.

now i’m sure it bothered someone that instead of chaining up my bike, completely out of view of cameras, in open air so if/when it rains my bike gets soaked….or parking it under the walkway’s barriers in plain view of everyone coming in and out.

now i’ve been riding bikes a long time and they don’t seem to get stolen because i think about shit like that. i also tend to ride them longer because i don’t leave them in the rain.

i told kelly i want to go back to the gym and find the person who left the note and interview them on camera. i want to know what it felt like to open up word, write this up, print it, get the tape, walk outside, tape it on and say “this will show that asshole, how dare he”.

i pretty much forgot about it by the time i had left the parking lot. It’s just not bothering me anymore. First rouse’s tries to kick me out for my messenger bag and now this. This part of new orleans fucking hates cyclists.

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