i love fark…i love flame wars…usually the ones about politics and religion i skim through, almost like the mental equivalent of junk food. sometimes there are threads about stuff that kinda relates to me…

anyway, thread about bicyclists usually being at fault in most traffic accidents. i agree, i’m stoned and biking, usually thinking about web site, girls and making money.
i saw this comment and related to it on such a intense level.

Probably not entirely untrue. Many cyclists ride like nimrods in traffic. The problem is that riding in traffic is a skill that takes practice to master. I’m a cyclist, I run red lights all the time; as a matter of principle, almost. I’m not hanging around like a tool waiting for the light to change when there’s no traffic coming on either side.

It’s like the serenity prayer. God, grant me the free lane to blow the lights I can, the brake pads to observe the lights I can’t, and the common farking sense to know the difference.

The problem is too that it’s not just cyclists. Walkers do really stupid stuff, and I’ve seen terrible things.

so true.

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