she was a sour girl the day she met me

what would you do…..what would you do if i followed you…

yeah, things have gotten into a little pattern….jackie has been a big help…it’s nice having help…it all piles on me when i don’t notice, nice to have someone in my corner…she has a real pc and a real chair, i’ve duplicated myself…lets just hope she can work fast enough…

peter has the memphis office held down hardcore…things are good…well, work things are good.

every girl i’ve ever loved hates me and loves me at arms distance…i finally feel okay where i am at…it’s all stupid at this point…i gotta keep working…i am self employed, not granted the joy of feeling sad and not working.

if i don’t work i don’t eat.

gotta wake up when jackie opens the front door and asks if im wearing clothes. gotta put on the hawaiian and the camo, gotta soldier on. there are web sites to be built, there are bills to pay…yeah it’s easier to drink but we gotta fucking man up.

we got the land line, we got the computer network, we are ready to go…it’s all on my shoulders, time to rock and roll.

i’m not gonna give up, gotta keep hustling, keep flowing….

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