my lips may promise

female web designers, developers, web hosts, all of it…so fucking hot…

i’ve got a serious crush on this woman named susan that lives up north and runs a web business very similar to mine.  she isn’t quite as ghetto as me, has a office and doesn’t run her shit out of coffee shops but she was fascinated by my “business model”.

we were talking about hosting and how great it is to sell and she says “yeah i want to get to the point where i can go out of town, to like new orleans, and just not worry about anything”.

i bite my lip when i start to say “jazzfest is coming up, maybe you should make it happen”….i was so tempted to toss out a really obvious loaded question like “so what does your boyfriend/and or husband think of you running a web site company” but i figured it would be bad on the first phone call…..

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