do you have a problem photoshopping with naked women?

i got a phone call today on the office line, sunday evening….the guy asks a little about me and my business  and then asks me if i have a problem with doing photoshop work with naked women involved.

now i’ve always been a white hat all my life, never designed/developed a porn site. i don’t know why, just never got into that arena.

now when he asked i had already had a few drinks and said “naw i don’t have a problem having naked women around me when i’m working in photoshop”.

he laughs and explains that he gets a lot of people who won’t work on it for moral reasons. i almost say “oh naw it’s cool, i don’t have any morals or ethics except leet web sites” but i hesitated….

anyway, i’m meeting him tomorrow to discuss this photoshop work i’m going to do. i couldn’t decide if i should write about this on crackhore’s blog or my company’s blog and i think i’ve made the right choice.

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