when i die

i think about it a lot…after the funeral…everyone just kinda hanging, having a drink or two, cuz that’s what toad would want…

then i start to think about what everyone is going to be saying.

thats the part i’m not sure if i like…it’s hard to not speak ill of the dead, almost seems natural….he drove too recklessly, he drank too much, cutting yourself will only lead to that, or “he died while masturbating and choking himself”

that’s gonna be a leet funeral.  all my friends, colleagues and family, all really sad about poor michael who died of “natural causes” in his apartment in new orleans. then the black veil is lifted and it’s my vizio tv playing the video of me choking myself while masturbating.

i’m not sure who im going to get to do the editing for this.

that was the point of this update.

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