walmart in nola is not safe

i sent stephanie(my new assistant) to walmart today…she said it was going well until one walmart employee threw bleach in face of another walmart employee over some work related dispute. stephanie said all chaos broke loose, employees abandoning cash registers running to their fallen soldier.

15 squad cars show up, police storm the place and capture the crazed walmart employee. she said she watched the police photograph the woman’s face since the burns were so severe.

God bless the tcohopitolous street Walmart. Nestled in the rebuilt projects, it never fails to give me and other writers content to muse over.

they should have never reopened it after the storm…it had to have been built on some indian burial ground…

it’s like what does someone have to do to piss you off so much that bleach in the face seems like a great
response…now i hate some people but…damn…bleach in the face?

i mean it must have been some serious shit for her to just flip out and do that, right? right?

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