gun show

kelly and i went out to kenner today for the gun show. we parked and started walking into the convention center and enter the first door. this set of doors is for the book fair that is next to where the gun show is. our mistake, we leave and enter in the correct door, pay our way in and get our hands stamped with the words GUN SHOW, which i wish would never wash off(it has).

endless tables of handguns, rifles and everything you’d need to be “prepared”. we started from one side and made our way through, buying several knives, a ammo crate, a tactical vest and a black ski mask. we also got zach a pair of brass knuckles for his birthday which we’ll give him later tonight.

we actually had to take the ammo crate to kelly’s jag before returning to pick up the knives we saw earlier.

the people at these events are truely inspiring. there was a good amount of good “salt of the earth” types as well as the neo nazi types, iberville project versions also. i’m always fascinated by rednecks but kelly and i both got a kick seeing the dude in the oversized jeans and polo shirt with dreads spill out of his backwards baseball hat holding up a AR-15 while his friends nod in approval.

there were signs everywhere that said “no cameras” which almost makes the whole thing more awesome since i’ll only have the memory.picture-013picture-014picture-0151