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the myth of the relationship

fyi i'm totally sober writing this. this line will make sense a few paragraphs below. weekends are the worst when you're a single male living in the US. your options are basically staying home or leaving the house. a or b. now when you end up leaving the house, you're going to run into people, many of those are women. now most of them are not what you're looking for but companionship is companionship...the ...

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new layout sucks so bad

i love it...stole a theme and modified it for my needs...i love it, crackhore, just behind your fence. im giving him props, he should feel special im ripping off one of his themes because im so sick and tired of the previous theme.  i figure too we need to evolve as a site to something equally as terrible. i might just change it monthly, rip off someone else's theme and just keep them cycling. too much wor ...

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I seem to only write on this site while i'm bitter and single.  So here we are. Facebook has become the anti crackhore, i update it constantly and need to figure out how to blend the two. Because not everyone on facebook is cleared to read this site, i can't post on FB that i've reset the password, upgraded wordpress and am officially back. im going to be working on a new design just because this shit is w ...

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Iphone practice update

Hehehe I went downtown today to geyt my haircut, worn my starfuckers shirt Kelly bought me and one of my pairs of white linen pants, so much fun having clothes... Nothing better then white linen pants and a black tshirt.....contrast for the win\n\nSo in need of some sleep, need to be early bed toad tonight, like 9 pm for real ...

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Yay iphpome and worpdpresa!!!!!

Yay I am upsdaring depm my iPhone becasue I need practixlce with. This gAy ass keyboard is just about as gay as I thougt it would be but Imma get uses to it ror die trying. Oh well it s not really as bad as I thought I meAn dits aiutoeplacinf moat of my. Misspellings, Oh here is a cr anbery and vodka lolol Sent from. Aiphones ...

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happy 11th anniversary

11 years ago today, a young bright eyed toad decided to register it's interesting to think what i used to be like 11 years ago...pretty much the exact same as i am now, except i had youth to blame everything on. as soon as i graduate i'll be able to do what i want. there is definetely a kind of greatness that i'll always know that your whole life can lead to so many great things....b ...

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4th of july party fear

hehe having a party, lots of people invited, not sure how many are going to come. going to buy a lot of food, cook it, get drunk and feed who ever comes over. pretty much the plan. i think. i dunno, guns are loaded, everyone better behave. to follow...going to be fun, i hope...oh well, at least i'll eat good. ive been grilling like a fiend the last few weeks, kabobs, burgers, chicken, ribs... ...

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