crescent city!

i’m not going to even put together the full story of how epic this race for me.  the whole world has really been against me running this race, even up until 3-4 hours before.  i’m not going to go into that.

anyway, i’ve been drinking a lot lately and not running at all…not prepared at all mentally or physically. but my parents and another friend were coming in town and wanted to run it with me so i couldn’t fag out.

we did okay, it’s a tough race to do fast because of the 19,998 other people in your way. i’ve never seen a start so chaotic…everyone’s number is a color, you’re supposed to line up by your color. no one does. i almost tripped over a kid in a hamburger costume in the first mile.

highlights were the dudes handing out hotdogs to runners…and watching someone run, laugh and eat a hotdog at the same time. the hotdogs were not appealing to me or my dad but the people before them with a table  full of beer cups and a sign that said FREE BEER! WATER: $4.75…now that’s tempting…but unless i have a red dress on i don’t drink and run.

i’m going to finish this last pabst and take my post race nap. happy easter or whatever.