Welp, site is up. Theres a project on Hore3 and like 3 more new rants but since windows 2000 threw up on itself early Saturday morning i lost alot of time. Luckily i backed up all my crap on a spare drive so ill just upload it when i return to the crackcave. Oh, i got mentioned on, thats pretty cool. hehe. Oh and check this thing defdog did, warning, not for the weak of stomach/mind Rain.

In other news, im sick of people not understanding my humor. This picture for example is hilarious in my eyes. I mean, it’s a dead dog! Look at it’s legs! Come on! Funny! Yeah! I dunno. It even has a funny story behind it. Annie comes over and starts ranting about this amazing dead dog she saw on the drive into Memphis. It’s Sunday and im already feeling kinda weird after a weekend of prying open my 3rd eye and im up for something random.

So we drive out to the middle of no where, pull over and take pictures of this amazing dog. Monday morning i paste the link to everyone and no one seems to think it’s funny. Shrug.

Thinkhed:dood gross
Thinkhed:that is unneeded

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