Need You To Feel This Way

Many people are wondering why i didn’t update yesterday. That’s cuz i went to bed to at noon and slept till 9:30am on Monday. Ph99r my mad sl33ping sk1llz. I have a rant forming in my mind as we speak which will be up on the site soon. Hehe. Btw, my directions ALMOST worked, hehehe it was scary, i was telling everyone, “dude, these directions are actually going to where we want to go??!” then they screwed up. 🙁 Stupid crackquest.

Well the NIN show was amazing. Ian that brit loving slut couldn’t go so i kidnapped a Diebold and on returning T and Annie were waiting for me on my porch. All i have to say about that is i wish i had a camera with me. The drive there was fairly uneventful and we got there about a hour early. A Perfect Circle walked slowly onto stage, played every single song i wanted to hear, it was great. In the beginning of my favorite song by them, Thinking Of You, everyone in the entire amputheatre turned around to see these huge gray clouds rolling in and the wind really picked up. It was amazing, like out of a movie, hehehe. Anyway, NIN came out to stage and began playing Terrible Lie. The whole show started out really great but they played way too many songs off the Fragile which really slowed the show down. I mean at the time when they were playing those songs, the show was really moving, etc but call me old fashioned, i like to see things smashed. In total, Trent only knocked over a speaker and like threw water alot. I wanted to get hit by a broken piece of a keyboard or something, lame. Another thing, the mosh pit was like a AARP convention. They just stood there for half the show and i didn’t see a single bloody person walking out. The trip back was weird to say the last. I kept breaking because i kept thinking the lights in the other lane were in mine, hehe. Everyone else thought i was seeing cops, hehe. Oh well, concert was really cool at the time but afterwards i thought about how he played too much Fragile which i don’t think anybody enjoys live.

HeavenLeig: What is your actual name?
sm0ketoad: mm, it’s toad
sm0ketoad: my parents were hippies
HeavenLeig: No, it’s not =D

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