I’m Too Sexy For Sobriety, Too Sexy For Sobrietrty

My LA trip was fun, lots of fun things happened. I learned if you mix acid and beer you can climb buildings and scare the hell out of every single person you meet during that. Anyway, i wake up with Ian knocking on my door and making me come to eat with him. We end up going to tracks, drink 2 double rum and cokes each, drive to Best Buy and return a harddrive, then came the tequlia shots. Had 2 of them, decided it wasn’t enough so polished off the risk of the Whiskey Wednesday whiskey. Then someone who i didn’t expect to call called me. After that phone call it got bad. I took a xanex and washed it down with about half a forty while smoking a illegal substance. Thats it, the night ends there for me. According to everyone i stabbed a pillow, called someone i shouldn’t have called, threw some clothes around and thats all they’ll tell me. Btw, im selling/giving away all my furniture and worldly possesions before my trip, come by, msg me or whatever if you want any of my stuff.

Well, i take that back. Xanex is bad. Xanex >= Satan. I have NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT AFTER A CERTAIN POINT. Man, what the hell…I leave Wednesday for the great city of Las Angeles. The Horemobileâ„¢ tearing across the country with my sidekick Ian to a new life. Maybe then i’ll fade away and not have to face the facts, it’s not easy facing up when your boyfriend is black.

I have ALOT of ideas for the site and im gonna try to force myself to write a editorial everyday, not just rambling and rantings about how my life sucks and i want to kill every girl i ever kissed. Although those are funny too sometimes.

mp3 of the day: Will Smith – Wild Wild West.mp3

CastorToad: if i were to send you flowers where would i…….well no wait, let me rephrase that, if i were to let you suck my tongue, would you be grateful?

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