You are not the skates you wear. You are not the beer you drink.

Had a intresting night last night, ended up drinking at a local bar and decided to go for a late evening skate while drunk, a fairly common activity in my life, something about how i hate to fall asleep while drunk because i have dreams about demons and such. Anyway. Skating drunk is so great, if you skate at all and drink at all you, you need to combine the two. I was jumping up on curbs that i normally would have been afraid to do but since i was drunk and fearless, i could do them! Problem is sometimes my skillz don’t keep up with my drunk so i fell off a 3 foot platform and now have a huge bruise on my back. But i was drunk so it didn’t matter! woohoo! Michelob Skating Team! Haha. Anyway, i was skating back to the Horemobileâ„¢ and i decided to cut through the park. There was a homeless looking guy sitting on a bench reading a big book. I asked him if it was The Bible and he said yes so i ended up sitting down next to him and talking to him for the next 3 hours. We talked about life, Vietnam, society, love, women breaking our hearts, music, everything. At one point i went and bought us some cigars and we sat like true Southern Gentlemen and talked about how wonderful life really is. I look at my life after nights like that, the huge bruise on my back, the sick feeling in my stomach from all the beer and wonder, i am Jesus?

I don’t know if this is really a confession or not but i have like 400 stolen signs construction equipment in my apartment now. Since im moving im not sure what to do with all of it, it’s too much to fit in the back of the Horemobileâ„¢ for my trip so i think i may just throw them out on street in front of my house and play dumb.

It was funny hanging out with coolguy in LA. This guy had never met me before in real life and it was intresting to see the subtle differences in my personality from real world to…..the Internet. He, of course, said he always imagined me as taller(thanks) and i always imagined him with a bigger dick. That showed him, hehe. Oh, haha, here is a great image to wake up to one morning. That’s the owner of trying to kill me with a lamp while i was asleep.

Coolguy decided that leaving Us_ and I alone in his nicely furnished apartment for more the 8 hours without making sure i had the proper amount of beer to keep me drunk so we decided to do some redecorating. Our original plan was to chunk the loveseat off the balcony but we decided since Coolguy got a little pissed when we threw his phonebook off the balcony the night earlier, he may not appreciate us throwing his furniture off his 2 story apartment, so we just moved it all around. Thats me laying on the floor watching Seven, hehe.

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