Yes, thats my blood. Yes, im comfortable with it.

God, still drunk, updating page. Big party, toad becomes blood brothers with that guy i kissed. I kissed alot of guys at the party. Met girl who was a red head and a lesbian. i think she wanted me regardless. I got hit by a car lastr night downtown and then went back to the party cuz i didn’t have any beer at my apartment. Yes, im a alcoholic, yes i am comfortable with it.

I’m starting to worry that im not going to sober up. I was drunk, skated and got hit by a car, mostly sober, went back to party, drank more, then it’s all blurry but im sure that cute lesbian wanted me. Lesbians kinda depress me because they make alot of eye contact, dance and pretend like they like guys but then BAM! Im gay, sorry. I hate America. Still drunk though. Stupid lesbians, well not stupid, just confused, how can anyone not like me? Seriously tho. Oh well, pretty lesbian girl named…..Monica, i know you love me and you can message me from my page from that link to the left. I’ll be waiting.

It’s nights like this that make my mother worry about me.

And she should.

I need to go to bed, i only slept for a few hours and i think i kinda just passed out from alcohol poisoning/blood loss. Did i spell poisoning right? Crap, oh well, Julie, my future boss, if you’re reading this, i only do this on the weekend and im always sober by the time i get to work, really.

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