Silly little love songs….

Skating was a bad idea but pretty good in retrospect. My body is so angry at me right now, it’s 5am and i can’t sleep. I hid the xanex from myself because the last time i had one i ended up talking about some pretty strange stuff. I actually think im depressed, too bad too cuz these past few days have been great. Geez, it’s 5am, i should just stay up all night, everytime i close my eyes i feel sick. Hmm, i wish i could find that damn xanex. I love looking around this apartment and thinking of all the crazy insane things that have happened here. Someday when my children are reading a archived version of this on some ancient child of the DVD, they’ll understand why they can’t drink alcohol because my DNA probably altered this weekend from all the beer. Hehehe, wow i get pretty creative when im really really tired. My aim list is so depressing at 5am, the only one awake is WildBoarz and he mostly ignores me.

Spider is gone and he owes me some money. I think some of my friends killed him. I’m not really sure how i should feel about it. Oh well.

Im gonna go visit Rain one more time tommorow to see how my little devil cat is doing. Rain was such a great portion of my life. I never knew how much evil could flow out of a little calico kitten. I remember one time i accidently left a A Perfect Circle cd playing the entire day while i was at work while Rain was in the apartment. Do you think a kitten could be effected by that music or are they just a lower species? Wow i should get some sleep, hehe. I think i’ll try again.

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