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So im eating dinner last night with Ian, Candie and my friend from memphis, steve. We’re all enjoying our milkshakes and my good friend Ian remarks about the depressed look on my face. I explain to Ian that i am suffering from post-concert depression. Ian inquires what that may be. I explain to my young friend Ian that after every single concert or event which has thousands of attractive women, i get depressed. Ian is confused, it doesn’t make sense, why would toad be depressed after seeing a bunch of hot chicks? I explain further. Ian soon understands that after i see all these hot women and i come home to my apartment and lay down on my mattress, i am alone. I am alone on that mattress. All those hot chicks that i saw at the concert are not alone on their mattress. They are with other guys. After Ian sees this, he remarks that my mindset is “fucked up” and that i am “weird”.

So i want all of you people who read my site(except my mom) to cracktoad@crackhore.com and tell me if that depression is “fucked up” or “weird”. Thanks, hehehe.

Friday while installing a simple soundcard cable, i broke my c drive. All the pins were bent severely and it made a horrible painful sound when i turned it on to see if it would possibly work for a few minutes. What a great way to find out God hates you. BAM, your harddrive is gone. Everything for the past year written down, all the mp3s, everything. Gone. Most people now like to wittingly say “heh, do you have a backup?” knowing full well that backups are for little wussy girls who arn’t man enough to buy a new harddrive. Fags.

After this last work week i am more convinced that if Ian and i go another week without internet access, things are going to get bad. Last Wednesday after a long day at work we got drunk and stared at each other until Ian yelled at me and told me go to bed. That was at 9pm. Then the week before that it was toad

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